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I've written 3 books with the Million Dollar Author team. Authoring a book has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business.

John H. Curry, Financial Advisor
MDRT Top of the Table Producer


We sold 400 copies in the first few weeks and, were invited to speak to a conference of 250 perfect prospects.

Roger Sitkins & Brent Kelly
#1 Consultant to Independent Insurance Agencies


I had my book written in 30-days, it was totally amazing!

David Fritch, Esq.
Practicing Attorney & Attorney Coach

How I got 5,268 consulting leads in a week and

doubled my business after writing my first book

Steve Gordon, Bestselling Author

Hi I'm Steve,

My mission is to help smart, skilled professionals - financial advisors, lawyers, consultants, and entrepreneurs - stop wasting time on marketing that attracts low-quality clients.

You know how frustrating it is to be great at what you do, and have a handful of happy clients, yet you can never seem to get enough new clients to get real traction.

The truth is, most of the methods the "gurus" teach for getting clients require you to be an A+ master marketer…and few people are.

I used to struggle, jumping from shiny object to shiny object, too. Then, I discovered that I could create ONE piece of content - a book - it changed everything…

✅ Clients started chasing me (wanting what I could do for them)

✅ I landed better clients

✅ I raised my fees (dramatically)

🚫 I stopped creating content “hoping” someone would see it and hire me

🚫 I didn’t have to waste hours networking




We've helped over 100 successful professionals write their own 7-figure business book, isn't it your turn?

I went from barely making 6-figures, to having a high 6 to 7-figure business in less than 2 years.

What did I do…?

I wrote a 7-figure business book.

Since then, I’ve helped over 100 professionals, including financial advisors, lawyers, consultants, and others do the same.

Now, I’ve outlined my formula for writing your book in 30-days (spoiler... we do it for you), and landing clients with it almost immediately into a 20-minute video and case-study…

If you've had "write a book" on your to-do list for months, years, or decades, isn't it worth investing just a few minutes to find out if this might finally be the shortcut you've been looking for to move your book from "to-do" to "DONE ✅"...

Want the blueprint for writing a 7-figure business book?

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